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Fiix Elbow Device (OPEN BOX)

Fiix Elbow Device (OPEN BOX)

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Open Box Details: 

  • Fiix Elbow, factory certified 
  • When quantity unavailable, please contact 833-410-0409
  • Full 1 year warranty
  • Final Sale
  • Includes: Fiix Elbow Device, case, power supply, emollient, manuals, free app download
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Roger G. Soto-Castillo
It simply works

In the beginning I had doubts because I have never being able to find cure for my golfer elbow. However, I was determined to follow instructions properly to give Fiix Elbow Device a fair shot. And it worked. The best part is that I was able to continue with my regular exercises in the gym while doing this therapy.

John Sevy
I was skeptical (chronic golfer's elbow)...

FIIX ELBOW WORKS! I suffered from chronic elbow tendonitis. I could golf, but I could not play often -- it was just too painful. I finally broke 90 at the end of last season and wanted to resolve the issue once and for all. The orthopedic suggested RICE and a strap. Been there, done that. Then I looked into laser and other alternatives. Not covered by insurance and no guarantees with a minimum cost of about $1000. A costly maybe. So, I called Fiix and spoke with Lori.

After a couple calls (she was very patient), I decided to try it. Not even close to a thousand bucks and there was a money-back guarantee. I called Lori several times during my therapy -- she always had helpful insights and really knows the subject matter. She was a great resource for an issue that had dogged me for years. I'm 63 and have referred to tendonitis as the scourge of middle-aged athletes. No more. I am so thankful for the Fiix Body team and Lori.

Tonya Collins
Excellent Results

My husband developed tennis elbow while remodeling our home. He lived with the pain and attempted several options including acupuncture to relieve the pain, numbness, and gain grip strength back. The attempts was to keep from going to PT and implementing a stringent schedule and cost.

He is now in week 8 of the Fixx program, which he followed accordingly. Week 2-4 were the brutal weeks as the breakdown and healing process really set in. Going into week 8 we see why fixx stresses to complete the program. Grip strength has tremendously improved, point of pain in elbow and forearm is all but gone, and he doesn’t have to focus completely on what he picks up so not to drop it.

We highly recommend fixx and know that the machine and program works beyond expectations of advertisement when following the written program. Just remember the pain does get worse during week 2 and 3 before quickly taking a turn for improvement during week 4 and beyond.

Brad S
Great design and feel

It is working, but all the pain hasn't gone away. I am satisfied with the progress, and continually use it, along with my infrared heat pad. 4 stars is because it hasn't worked completely, but will revise it, if or when it does.

Jeffrey E.
Fiix Elbow Device

As a former physical therapist and professional pickleball instructor, I know how hard it is to get rid of (chronic) tennis and/or golfers elbow. When I got introduced to Fiix Body and tried the device and the user friendly app I was sold. No injections, no medication, just a straightforward treatment plan with a deep tissue massager device and an app, which provides a variety stretches and exercises. Fiix Body is a devoted company. Thank you!