Biker's Elbow treatment options

Let’s face it, dedicated bikers may be inclined to push through elbow discomfort and continue riding. Eventually, however, the pain will become more frequent and intense, both during and after rides.

The first recommended treatment for biker’s elbow is what no rider wants to do – rest. This obviously eliminates the repetitive strain on the tendon, which helps reduce pain. Ice and anti-inflammatories also can provide relief initially.

Some people choose to wear braces or straps to immobilize the area and decrease the strain. Others may try TENS, percussion therapy or ultrasound to alleviate the pain.

But these options function as temporary fixes to feel better, and not long-term solutions that actively promote healing of the tendon.

A better choice is the new E5 Fiix Elbow wearable device from Stā Active. Developed exclusively as a tennis elbow treatment, this tool addresses the root cause of the pain – the damage to the forearm tendon.

The Fiix Elbow replicates a proven clinical therapy performed by physical therapists, chiropractors and other allied health professionals called instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). This treatment consists of using stainless-steel tools to apply deep, linear strokes to the tendons and muscles.

The wearable Fiix Elbow automatically delivers these repetitive strokes to the forearm tendon, which breaks up scar tissue and adhesions, increases oxygenation and blood flow and stimulates collagen synthesis to repair the injured tissue.

This simple, convenient treatment for biker’s elbow sufferers is wearing the Fiix Elbow for 10 minutes per day, three times per week for eight weeks, plus performing specific simple exercises. The protocol has been shown to result in significantly less pain overall, a healthier tendon, increased strength in the forearm muscles and greater ability to use the forearm and hands without pain.

Even better, the Fiix Elbow gets cyclists back on their bikes, feeling better and doing what they love.