Same therapy I got at the clinic

"I went to an elbow specialist and to physical therapy with no luck. Physical therapy works but it's time consuming and I just didn't have the time in my schedule to make it to the recommended appointments. I went for a few weeks and started to get relief but then I got busy and couldn't make it to the appointments.

When I read about the Fiix Elbow Program I was familiar with the therapy because that's what they did at the physical therapy clinic. With the Fiix Elbow program, I was able to get the same therapy at home, on my schedule so I could complete the entire program.

I'm happy to report that I have no elbow pain anymore. I can swing my driver at full speed again without wincing because of my elbow pain."

Golfer, Workout Enthusiast

I found results

"The Fiix Elbow is a miracle worker! I suffered from tennis elbow for over four years. There were days when I would cry because it was interfering with my daily activities. I spent so much time buying stupid stuff and spent a lot of money on things that didn't work.

I eventually ended up going to a doctor and entered Physical Therapy for over a year and it didn't help - nobody had the cure.

But I'm like a dog without a bone. I don't give up easily. I looked at everything and tried everything and nothing helped until I tried the Fiix Elbow - that's when I found results.

The fact that I got relief with this machine - it's a Godsend."

Kim S.
Chef, Workout Enthusiast

There is no more pain

"I’ve taken a lot of ibuprofen over the years to ease the pain, I had multiple cortisone injections over the years and nothing I did worked. The elbow pain kept me up at night and I couldn’t sleep. When I researched tennis elbow pain, one of the remedies was to stop the activity. I use my hands everyday for work as a plumber so that’s not an option. The Fiix Elbow was a no-brainer.

Using the Fiix Elbow is simply - sit on the couch, watch the hockey game, put it on for ten minutes.

After using the Fiix Elbow for eights weeks - I don’t have any limitations anymore. I can carry bricks with no pain. Even my day to day job there’s no more pain turning wrenches, handling a sawzall, it’s been a life changer. "

Chris T.
Plumber, Firefighter, Fisherman

Back on my bike without the pain

"I spent two and a half years trying to get rid of my elbow pain. It hurt riding my motorcycle, shaking hands or grabbing a gallon of milk. Within a few short weeks it was severe pain that affected my everyday life.

I tried ice, compression sleeves and after four months I finally decided to try physical therapy. I went to physical therapy every other week for six months. It was helping but if I stopped going the pain would come back. Physical therapy hit me in my pocket book and my personal time. Two hours out of my day to run to Physical Therapy got old quickly.

I used the Stā Active Fiix Elbow and within two weeks I had relief. It was an easy prescription and easy to use. I would get treatment sitting on my couch playing games with my kids.

It allowed me to do the most important thing in my life - ride my motorcycle again."

Chris K.
Motorcyclist, Workout Enthusiast

I have zero elbow pain

"I got tennis elbow from a combination of using a rower and lifting weights. My elbow pain was so bad I couldn't even grab a gallon of milk from the refridgerator.

I went to physical therapy for six months and they performed Graston® on my arm which gave me relief. The problem was that I could not keep up with the appointments so I never fully recovered from the injury.

I was excited to try the Fiix Elbow Program because it replicated the treatment I was receiving at physical therapy. It was very easy to follow the program because I could do it at home anytime I wanted.

After the 8-weeks of the Fiix Elbow Program my pain went from a 8 to a 1. And even after the 8-weeks the pain continued to decrease and I no longer have the pain.

It's amazing - I no longer have elbow pain."

Workout Enthusiast

It's a whole new world without elbow pain

"I have been around tennis for over 35 years while working with players who have had multiple injuries and I understand the pains players go through with both tennis and golfer's elbow. These are nagging injuries and can last for many weeks, months or more while directly affecting a players peak performance.

I too have had golfer's elbow that incurred through over use of heavy and light weights while cross training. The injury was very tough to play through while feeding tennis balls as well as competing in matches.

I tried many arm bands to suppress the pain. Unfortunately, all the bands did was just suppress the pain and never helped in the healing of the injury.

Therefore I bought the Fiix Elbow Program and have been using the device for close to 60-days and I can already see the improvements in my golfer's elbow. I can now feed and compete without the pain and its a new world!

I am now planning on having the device available to all our members at my club and cannot thank Stā Active enough."

Conan Lorenzo
Director of Tennis
La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

Saved from surgery

"A couple years ago I had tennis elbow in my left arm. I worked with a physical therapist, did exercises and had two cortisone shots. The cortisone shots worked for the exact time the doctor told me they would be the pain always came back the same or worse.

I ended up having surgery after going through everything for over a year. When I started having pain in my right elbow I tried to back off of exercising and doing the things that irritated it because I did not want to have to go through surgery again but missed living my life to the fullest.

Thankfully I found the Fiix Elbow device! In the beginning of the eight week therapy my arm was sore but as the weeks went by I could tell that the Fiix Elbow was working. After the treatment my elbow pain is gone and I don't have to worry about another surgery.

I highly recommend trying the Fiix Elbow if you have tennis elbow. It will save you pain, surgery and money!!"

Tammy P.
Workout Enthusiast

Fiix Elbow was a huge win for me

"My arm pain was so severe that I thought I had a fracture or had broken my arm. I went to the doctor and found out that the excruciating pain I had was actually tennis elbow. The doctor believes it came from over use of my mouse of all things. He recommended physical therapy but that's expensive and time consuming.

I had a TENS unit that I used for back pain so I tried that, but it would only relieve the pain while it was active on my arm. Once I took it off the pain immediately came back.

That's when I found the Fiix Elbow. I followed the 8 week program and at the end I went from an excruciating pain level of 9 to a pain level of 1 which is a huge win for me. I continue to do the activities that caused the elbow pain so I think it's unrealistic that it will go away entirely.

The Fiix Elbow helped me be able to do simple tasks again without the struggle or pain and I sleep better at night."

Greg M.
Graphic Designer, Workout Enthusiast

The Fiix Elbow was awarded the Bronze Stevie award in The 2020 American Business Awards! Judges praised the Fiix Elbow as "Great idea! A drug free way to help combat tennis elbow in the comfort of your own home is a great innovative approach."

Loved getting treatment at-home

"I would highly recommend the Fiix Elbow. It was easy to use, and the healing process was quick, so I was able to get back to playing tennis pain-free. I loved that I could get treatment and relief from home."

Beth G.
Tennis Player, Mom

Made the impossible, possible again

"I was sick of the elbow pain so I went to the doctor. Took an x-ray which came back fine so I was given a brace and told to stop doing activities that were painful – and received a $260 bill.

I was annoyed and frustrated that's why I started researching online and found the Fiix Elbow. After the eight-week recovery program it relieved my elbow pain and I’m able to do the activities I love again."

Cara B.
Athletic and Workout Enthusiast

I took control of my elbow pain

"I was in a lot of pain and I started to really get worried that I wasn't going to be normal again and would have to live with the pain. I tried braces, cold compression and took medication to help with the pain but nothing worked until I tried the Fiix Elbow.

I followed the 8-week plan and at the end my pain level went from an 8 to a 1.

Gina M.
Curling Athlete, Workout Enthusiast

Back at doing what I love

"The biggest challenge with my tennis elbow pain was that I wasn't able to do the thing I enjoy, fishing. I dealt with the pain for the last few years and found ways to compensate to still spend time on the lake.

I tried arm straps with no luck so I gave the Fiix Elbow a try. As I started the eight-week program I had my doubts. The first couple of weeks it really didn't seem to be doing much for me (maybe that was because my lack of patience). As I stayed the course I really started to see a change around week five.

After the eight weeks I was back fishing with no pain. Thank you Stā Active for allowing me to do what I love to do again."

Pete D.

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